White Metal Water Bottle 500ml

White Metal Water Bottle 500ml

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Our white metal water bottle is the only neutral colour in the collection. Clean and simple, it's perfect for those who want to keep a cool, understated look. 

  • Our bottles are designed with insulated double-wall technology, keeping lukewarm water at bay (all day) and preventing the buildup of condensation.
  • Secured with a screw-top lid, preventing sodden bags or saturated laptops.
  • Constructed using 304 food grade stainless steel, it preserves purity and keeps your water nice and fresh.
  • Our bottles are BPA-free, yielding improved health for both you and the planet.
  • The soft and elegant powder-coated finish provides resistance to fading, scratching and general wear and tear.
  • The anti-slip knuckled base helps keep the bottle on a stable footing.

Cleaning - hand wash only with an eco bottle brush.

H=26.5cm, W=7cm /  Weight: 300g  /  Capacity: 500ml