MILJÖ was born in the Winter of 2020 during the midst of a global pandemic on a scale we'd never seen before. The world was in lockdown and our laptops, smartphones and televisions were flooded with footage of some remarkable transformations - clear views of the Himalayas from perpetually polluted cities in northern India, roaming wildlife in empty UK streets and clear water in the canals of Venice.

It was scenes like this that reminded us of how the earth would have once looked and helped us envisage what the world could be like with cleaner air, stable climates and flourishing wildlife. Our planet is under enormous pressure from our relentless consumption at a rate that isn't sustainable. Increasingly scarce resources need to be used carefully and wisely.

We're a small independent business and we’re proud to present a curated range of elemental lifeware for your active urban lifestyle - allowing you to live life to the full in a conscientious, planet-friendly fashion. Oh, and if you were wondering what MILJÖ means....it's the Swedish word for environment. 

For a brighter tomorrow - live MILJÖ