Founders Story

"Sorry for the group call......but the company has gone into administration." Those were the dreaded words that no one at my firm wanted to hear. Life was already difficult, and it was about to get a whole lot worse.

It was April 2020, shortly after the world had shut down at the start of COVID. Stuck at home, I was now also unemployed and looking for a new job in a less than buoyant job market. Despite applying for dozens of roles, none of them came to fruition. A change in tack was required.

Although the pandemic was devastating for everybody, there was one silver lining to this unwelcome cloud in our lives: lots of spare time! I decided to make the most of this spare time by drawing on my decade of experience in the fashion retail industry, applying my commercial acumen and creating my own brand. 

Since my first trip to Copenhagen in 2008, I've had a great love for Scandinavia and all things Nordic. The design, the lifestyle and the love of nature & the outdoors all hit home with me. It was this penchant that formed the foundation of MILJÖ.

Just like our northern European neighbours, we believe that sustainability and wellness go hand in glove. We believe that you can still live fun, healthy and active lives while still protecting our planet for future generations. This ethos forms a large part of our DNA.

We're a small, independent business that puts customers at it's heart. And we're still operating out of that same two-bed flat where it all began.

Some of you may be wondering where our name comes from? MILJÖ is the Nordic word for environment. Invest in your wellness journey today, and the environment will reap the dividends.

Sustainable Wellness Unlocked. Live MILJÖ